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100 Years of Tourism

100 years of the organized tourism in the Zupa dubrovacka

There are areas that are attractive, which we admire, which are loved and are etched on our hearts. Wherever we go or stop in Župa, we will find something special, something that even for a moment will take us away from the everyday. Here you can have a good break, and you can also find enjoyment. A long time ago, man started his search for exactly this sort of place in which to have a holiday because of its countryside, and in Župa the landed gentry of Dubrovnik built their summer residences here, which have become the hotels of today.

Hotel Grand, Kupari oko 1930.

Tourism in Župa started to develop after the First World War when the Czechs invested capital into the construction of the first hotel in Kupari. The hotels in Srebrno and Mlini were built, and already in 1920 hotel Grand was built in Kupari. Asides from the hotels, they tidied up the beaches and promenades, and the parks and buildings beside the sea.

Dubrovnik has always been an attractive destination, and travellers from all parts of the world have come to it, crowned heads have visited it, as well as famous authors and artists. In amongst all these comings and goings, no matter how short, they have passed through Župa whose scenery they will never forget. At the beginning of the 20th century, a macadam road was built, which was the main route for carriages (karoce) through Župa, and every now and then small boat trips from Dubrovnik were organised.

Picturesque Župa was the destination for the easygoing country life of the landed gentry of Dubrovnik. In the 16th century the Dubrovnik the writer Nikola Nalješkovič described his summer residence, and an educated resident of Dubrovnik, Marija Djurdjević Bunić, received high class society in the salon of her summer residence in Čelopeći in Župa where she “passed the country days in conversation and her free time with social evenings full of music and poetry”.

Alberto Fortis, the author and adventure tourist, visited Župa and according to the already old hope that he will see it once again “however old I get a hope remains in my heart, to have sweet moments wandering through the sacred places of Župa, Kupari, Ombla and Gruž”.

The famous author, historian and politician, Ivan Kukuljević-Sakcinski visited Župa in 1856, and the Czech painter, Jaroslav Čermak, loved the Župa region and often stayed with his family in Mandaljena and Srebrno.

Hoteli Plat

Although the first tourist beginnings were humble, in the 1960s and 1970s, when the hotels “Plat”, “Orlando”, “Astarea”, “Pelegrin”, “Goricina”, and “Kupari” were built, tourism experienced a boost. Asides from hotel and other accommodation buildings, there were many other tourist facilities that offered a proper holiday. Here, it is possible to enjoy the sun and the sea, the well looked after beaches and hidden coves, the modern apartments for families, the restaurants, cafes, inns, taverns, sports grounds, diving, outings, folklore events, numerous attractions, adventures and other places of interest.

These places are attractive throughout the year, but are the liveliest in the summer. You will be offered good quality red and white wine, and selection of foods, you will remember the exciting taste of fresh food and you certainly won’t make a mistake if you sit at the table of any restaurant. You won’t forget the taste and scents of traditional Župa fare, and also the new tastes of European cooking which have been made richer with their gastronomic legacy, aromatic herbs and golden olive oil.

Man has always been careful towards nature, interfering only as much as has been necessary to achieve a more comfortable life, which is why Župa has kept is beauty as much as for its own benefit as for ours.

Tourist board of Župa dubrovačka is available to guests as well as private owners and other interested throughout the year.

During the summer season office is open all day. The guests can use the info desk in the office, miscellaneous materials, brochures and maps.

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